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Welcome to the Pokemon XY News WikiEdit

This is site is all about Pokemon X and Y. Here will be giving you all the latest information about the games, also I would appreciate if you would help with this WIKI!

Pokémon X and YEdit

Pokémon X (Japanese: ポケットモンスターX Pocket Monsters X) and Pokémon Y (Japanese: ポケットモンスターY Pocket Monsters Y) are the first two versions of the upcoming Generation VI

These games were announced worldwide by Satoru Itawa through a special Nintendo Direct called Pokémon Direct on the 8th January 2013. These two versions will be released worldwide sometime during October 2013.

"Pokémon Direct"

Nintendo - Pokémon Direct 1.811:12

Nintendo - Pokémon Direct 1.8.2013

Also, unlike the older versions of Pokémon (Generation 5 and lower, Pokémon Black and White 2 and before), Pokémon X and Y features a completely three dimensional style of gameplay. In addition to that, the characters and creatures will also be 3D instead of sprites used since Generation I. The battle animations have been beautifully redone, with more energetic reactions to attacks, such as when a pokémon is hit!

Just like in previous editions of pokémon, the player could cycle or use running shoes, the trainer in Pokémon X&Y can roller skate, at least under certain conditions. Pokémon X and Y will still have gyms.

At the moment, in Generation VI, only 6 new pokémon have been officially confirmed for Pokémon X and Y. The total amount has not been released at this point but you can bet the number, including the other generations, will be over 700. and don't worry our little friend, Pikachu, is definitely in it! As well as all that, there will be a new evolution for Eevee, an eeveelution if you will, called Sylveon.

  • Froakie: The Water Type Starter Pokémon
  • Chespin: The Grass Type Starter Pokémon
  • Fennekin; The Fire Type Starter Pokémon
  • Sylveon: A New "Eeveelution"
  • Xerneas: Legendary Pokemon (X)
  • Yvertal: Legendary Pokémon (Y)

The Starter Pokémon are:


  •  Français: Grenousse
  •  Italiano: Froakie
  •  Deutsch: Froxy
  •  Español: Froakie


  •  Français: Marisson
  •  Italiano: Chespin
  •  Deutsch: Igamaro
  •  Español: Chespin


  •  Français: Feunnec
  •  Italiano: Fennekin
  •  Deutsch: Fynx
  •  Español: Fennekin

The New "Eeveelution" is Sylveon.

The New Legendary Pokémon are:

Xerneas (pronounced ZURR-nee-us)

  • Height: 9'10 (300 cm)
  • Weight: 474 lbs (215 kg)

Yveltal (pronounced ee-VELL-tawl)

  • Height: 19'00 (580 cm)
  • Weight: 447.5 lbs (203 kg)

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